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Burn Pit Toxic Exposure for Veterans

Ask a veteran from Iraq and Afghanistan what a burn pit is, and they will likely shudder at the memory of intense heat and smoke. Burn pits are a common way for military personnel to get rid of waste like chemicals, paint, metal/aluminum cans, plastics, rubber, wood, and discarded food. Basically, there were not your average bonfires. Exposure to these sites can lead to a myriad of health conditions related to the inhalation of smoke and toxic fumes. 


If you were stationed in the middle east with the military and recall being exposed to burn pits, then there are several steps you should take to secure your own health:


  • Document everything you remember about the burn pits. What was being burned? How often were you exposed? How close were you to the flames? Do you recall any particularly awful smells or toxic smoke?
  • Talk to a healthcare provider at the VA. They will be able to help you treat any symptoms you may be experiencing.
  • If required, file a claim for disability compensation based on the injuries you sustained as a result of burn pit exposure.
  •  Call us to help ensure that your case and resulting claim are treating respectfully and fairly. 


Veterans make gigantic sacrifices for our nation, and their health concerns deserve to be addressed. If you or loved one have been exposed to a burn pit and are now experiencing respiratory symptoms, then seek treatment today before your condition gets worse.