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Common causes of workplace injuries

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 2.8 out of every 100 workers suffer some type of injury in the workplace. Serious, non-fatal injuries cost businesses about $50 million in workers’ compensation. This without mentioning the emotional, economic and health consequences that they represent for the victims of these accidents. 

Although some occupations and jobs are more dangerous than others, it has been observed that there are common causes for workplace accidents. And although all companies have security protocols, knowing these causes can help us prevent accidents and keep us safer while carrying out our work activities.


Common Causes of Workplace Injuries

Some workplaces can be dangerous, especially when it comes to factories and industrial activities. But no one is exempt from suffering an accident regardless of the place. Let’s see below, which are the most common causes of work injuries.

1. Lift objects. Lifting heavy things in the workplace, and doing it using the wrong technique and posture, is one of the main causes of injuries. Workers can hurt their back, sprain or tear a muscle, and without proper medical attention, they can develop chronic pain and other complications. Therefore, it is important to ask for help when lifting heavy objects, and to give adequate training to the employees who carry out this activity.

2. Slips and falls. Emergency rooms receive miles from people who have been injured in a fall. Awareness of spills, slippery floors, trash, and obstacles in walking areas is important. Using warning signs and proper footwear can prevent many accidents.

3. Hazardous materials. Some work activities involve the handling of hazardous chemicals or materials. Employees conducting activities of this type must wear personal protective equipment at all times and have appropriate training.


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