Important information regarding COVID-19 | Información importante sobre el Coronavirus

Don’t bring COVID home for the holidays. Tips to keep your family safe.

Injuries in the workplace are common and unfortunately, during this pandemic, contracting COVID-19 at work is a new and significant risk. If you are working outside of the home at the moment, you are at increased risk of contracting COVID-19. As the holidays approach, we all want to enjoy some time with our families, but to make sure that you don’t bring this infectious disease home from work, take the following precautionary steps:

  • A few weeks before the holiday, do not venture out of the home for any reason other than work. Rely on grocery delivery and take-out to get you through. The more you stay home, the less risk you have of contracting the disease. 
  • Wear extra protective gear at work. An N95 mask will do more to prevent contracting the virus than a standard surgical mask or a cloth mask. If a face shield and gloves are available, wear those as well.
  • When you get into your car or first step into your home at the end of your shift, sanitize your hands or wash thoroughly with soap and water for at least 30 seconds.
  • Remove your shoes outside of your home to avoid tracking in the active virus. 
  • Disclose your work outside of the home to anyone attending your holiday celebration. Let them make their own decision whether or not to attend.
  • Get tested in the days before your event, and socially isolate until the results come in. If the test is positive for COVID-19, do not attend any celebrations. Stay home, and isolate yourself from other family members for at least two weeks.

We understand that large merry gatherings and elaborate meals usually punctuate this time of year, but considering the increased risk this year, we would like to encourage everyone to be extra careful. Keep your gatherings small, host your meal outdoors if possible, and be vigilant regarding sanitation between work and home.

If you believe that you have contracted COVID-19 at work, then contact an attorney about representation. These are unprecedented times, and you are likely entitled to worker’s compensation. The legal team at Grupo Via Dorada can help you figure out your options, so call today.