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How Child Support Affects Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Many parents who are divorced or separated from their partner are required to pay child support for their children. The percentage and amount of support that must be given is usually established in the divorce settlements, or in agreements made by both parties.

All parents have a legal responsibility to financially support their children for as long as they remain dependent on them. And this responsibility does not change when the parents are injured, or when their income is affected by something.

If the worker is injured on the job, he has the right to file for workers’ compensation. These benefits will take care of paying any medical bills that result from your injury, as long as you can prove that the injury was the result of your work activities, or that it occurred during your work hours.

Similarly, if the worker is unable to return to work while recovering, workers’ compensation benefits will cover part of the earnings he receives. However, it is important to consider that the amount you will receive to supplement your income will not be 100% of what you normally get. The maximum amount that a worker can get is about three quarters of her normal salary.

This decreases the amount of money that a worker is used to receiving, which can be a problem. Even more so if the worker has to meet their child support obligations. But what about the amount he will receive? Will you still have to pay child support even if your income goes down?


Child support and workers’ compensation

If you are a parent who is current on your child support payments, you may be able to reach an agreement to lower or modify your payments while you recover. It is important to consult your situation with a lawyer who can guide you regarding your alternatives.

But if, on the other hand, you are behind in your support payments, the amount you receive from workers’ compensation benefits will be affected by the amount they take from there to meet your child support obligations.

If you or a loved one find themselves in such a situation, contact our attorneys today. We will help you review your situation and find a solution for you.