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How To Fight For Your Rights As A Farm Worker

Farm work is physically grueling and notoriously difficult for laborers. Not only are farm-hands putting in a ton of physical effort at their job, but they face a variety of issues and risks that most people working in the professional world don’t have to deal with. Pesticide exposure, denial of labor rights, abject poverty, mounting debt, hearing and vision problems, and musculoskeletal conditions are all common. 

If you or a loved one face these kinds of challenges as it relates to your work on a farm, then call our law firm for help and assistance. We can support you in the following ways:

  • We can help you to build your case by collecting evidence and building an argument that links the challenges you face to poor working conditions. 
  • We can help you to seek treatment for any injuries or illnesses you are dealing with. 
  • We can educate you on your rights as an employee.
  • We can help you to communicate with your employer about your rights. 
  • We can support you if you need to file a workers’ compensation claim.
  • We can represent you if you want to file a lawsuit against your employer. 

Farm work is absolutely essential. You do not deserve to be treated poorly when you are helping to feed our nation. Our legal team understands the unique challenges that farmworkers face and are motivated to help laborers to improve their working conditions. We understand that it can be challenging or frightening to stand up to an employer, but nothing will change without serious and credible complaints. 

Our goal is to improve the farming industry for laborers everywhere, so if you are ready to stand up for your rights, give our legal team a call. We are here to support you by answering your questions, educating you, and helping you to decide your next course of action. 

Attorney Murphy and his legal team in Santa Ana, California, will work tirelessly by your side and help you to secure rights that you have never enjoyed before.