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How to handle a workplace injury if you work at Amazon

In the past few decades, has gone from a small online book retailer to a massive online one-stop-shop. Amazon Prime promises delivery of nearly any good within 2-days, and people everywhere rely on their services. This rapid expansion and fast delivery mean that Amazon warehouses and fulfillment centers are incredibly busy places to work. Workers are held to incredibly high standards, and workplace injuries are often not handled as well as they should be. 

Several Amazon workers have reported that their workplace injuries were not handled appropriately, and some have even become homeless after losing their ability to do their jobs. This is a travesty and is something that the legal team at Grupo Via Dorada is ready to take on. 

If you or a loved one have been hurt while working for Amazon, make sure that you take the following steps to secure your best chances of a good outcome:

  • Report the injury to your manager and ask if there is a preferred doctor you should see. To file a worker’s compensation claim or lawsuit, you will need a record of your injury. In certain cases, Amazon will only accept records from specific doctors, so make sure that you have that information before seeking medical treatment.
  • Visit a healthcare professional. You are going to need an official medical record of your injury. Always visit a doctor, even if your injury seems minor at the time. This can become crucial later if your condition worsens or if Amazon pushes back against your claim.
  • Gather as much evidence as you can to prove that the injury happened at work. Claiming that an injury was sustained elsewhere is a popular way for employers to avoid paying worker’s compensation. If you are able, take photos immediately following the incident, speak to co-workers, and gather as much evidence as you possibly can. 
  • Contact Grupo Via Dorada for help and representation. We will help you manage your evidence, file a claim, and stand up to Amazon to help you secure the compensatory damages you deserve. 

Don’t wait until it is too late, call us today and get us on your side.