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How to know when you need to seek medical attention after a work accident

Everyone is entitled to work in a safe environment. But sadly, accidents can and do still happen, even when every safety precaution is taken. If you are injured on the job while performing job duties, you have rights as a worker. It is common for people who suffer an injury at work to feel embarrassed by their vulnerability and to downplay the pain or discomfort they are experiencing. It is natural to want to reassure and calm others when something out of the ordinary happens, but if you ignore key symptoms, that decision to downplay your injuries may lead to disastrous consequences. 

It is also worth considering that delayed onset symptoms may be confused with separate health issues. Pay close attention to how you are feeling in the hours and days after an accident. Consider anything and everything you feel as if it has been caused by the accident. 

Below is a list of several symptoms that you should not ignore following a workplace accident. If you experience any of these symptoms, seek medical care immediately:

  • Head Pain: Concussions or neck injuries can often present as persistent or throbbing headaches. Do not ignore head pain following trauma.
  • Abdominal pain & swelling: Internal injuries can take time to fully develop and, therefore, it is common for people to mistake the symptoms of an injury for regular abdominal discomfort. Abdominal pain may be a sign of internal bleeding and should be addressed quickly.
  • Numbness, loss of feeling, or persistent tingling and stinging: This can be a sign of nerve damage and, if it is not treated quickly, it can lead to permanent damage. 
  • Lethargy: This is a symptom of both concussions and traumatic brain injury, but it is also interpreted as exhaustion following a stressful event. If you are more lethargic than usual following an accident, you need to be seen by a medical professional right away. 

If you experience any of these symptoms following a workplace accident, seek medical treatment right away, then call Golden Circle Law for representation. We can help you to get your life back on track while securing the compensatory damages that you deserve. 

Do not ignore your symptoms and, do not settle for less than the legal team at Golden Circle Law in Santa Ana.