Important information regarding COVID-19 | Información importante sobre el Coronavirus

New Information Confirms That Undocumented Workers Have Been Hit Hardest by the COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis has rocked the entire global community, and the United States is no exception. All over the nation, hospitals are full of people struggling to breathe through this respiratory virus that has an alarming hospitalization and death rate. In response to the rapid spread of this disease, many cities, states, and nations have enacted lock-down orders requiring everyone to stay at home except a few essential workers. Essential work included healthcare providers, first responders, grocery store employees, and farmhands.

Sadly, these are the jobs most likely held by undocumented immigrants.

An undocumented immigrant is anyone who did not go through a proper immigration channel to arrive in the United States. Considering that the immigration process can be incredibly difficult, it is understandable that people fleeing a bad or dangerous situation may choose to arrive in the United States and never leave. Many undocumented immigrants are good, conscientious community members, but they still struggle to find reliable employment and often wind up in jobs that are on the front lines of this pandemic.

Undocumented workers continue to lose employment at alarming rates, but most also do not qualify for any type of unemployment aid. The ones that have been able to continue working are putting themselves at risk of infection and may be too scared to seek proper medical treatment should they come down with COVID-19. Add to that the fact that most undocumented people live in small homes and apartments with multiple family members. The infection is likely to spread to everyone in their vicinity.

It is a scary time to be undocumented in the United States, and studies are beginning to show that this population is just as vulnerable as we all anticipated. Researchers from UC Merced’s Community and Labor Center recently released a report that shows that nearly 360,000 undocumented workers have lost their jobs in the state of California alone.

As we wait for more research to come out, it is vital for everyone in our community to continue to support one another, regardless of immigration status. If you or a loved one need help or legal advice, call our law firm at Golden Circle Law in Santa Ana for assistance and support. We are here for you.