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Permanent benefits of workers’ compensation

The most common personal injury cases are those in which the injuries require immediate medical treatment and sometimes temporary therapies for the injured person to recover fully. In these cases, workers’ compensation will alleviate the worker’s suffering by covering their medical expenses and paying some of the days, weeks, or months the worker spent without working as prescribed by the treating doctor. Unfortunately, not all workers make a full recovery from injuries, as in some cases, they can cause permanent disability. In this case, the worker deserves permanent workers’ compensation for the rest of their life.

Here are some steps that determine a person’s eligibility for permanent disability benefits.

  1. Permanent disability must be determined by a workers’ compensation doctor. After receiving a determination from the treating physician, the physician will make the decision that the patient’s condition has reached maximum medical improvement. Unfortunately, this means that no treatment or operation will make the injured person regain the faculties affected by the accident or injury.
  2. When the treating physician identifies that the patient reached their maximum medical improvement, they must examine them to determine if the injuries have left the worker with permanent restrictions or limitations, preventing him from performing professionally.
  3. Upon having the complete analysis, the doctor must give a rating to the severity of the injury’s consequences and the level of disability. For example, after many years, a worker suffered a back injury caused by lifting heavy equipment on the job. If, even after surgery and physical therapies, their condition does not improve, the doctor will indicate that the person will no longer be able to lift a weight of more than 15 pounds. Thus, the doctor will give them a disability rating, which is expressed with a percentage that represents the permanent limitation in the employee’s back.

If you face a similar situation, it is essential to note that each state has variations in its rules for awarding workers’ compensation. For this reason, our recommendation is to seek legal representation with experience in workers’ compensation to obtain the benefits you deserve. Don’t wait any longer, call us today!