Important information regarding COVID-19 | Información importante sobre el Coronavirus

Telehealth and Injured Workers During COVID-19

For the past few weeks, COVID-19 has effectively shut down our nation and forced many into isolation on the order of state government and doctor recommendation. The reason being that COVID-19 is incredibly infectious. It is a respiratory illness that has already taken thousands of American lives. From what we understand currently, the disease passes through respiratory droplets.

If someone who is infected coughs or sneezes around you, you may encounter their infected respiratory droplets and come down with the illness yourself. Alternatively, if you touch a surface with an infected person’s respiratory droplets and then touch your own face, you can contract the virus in that way as well. When you consider how common it is to cough, wipe your nose or touch your mouth before reaching for a public door handle or pressing the button on an elevator, the rapid spread of this disease becomes understandable.

The heightened public danger has caused many healthcare facilities to cancel all elective procedures and to close their doors to anything non-emergent. So, what should a worker do if they’ve recently become injured on the job? Sometimes workplace injuries are not emergent, but a paper trail still must be created to file worker’s compensation claims or to request a few days at home to rest. If you’re injured at work during this time of global shutdown, your best option is probably telehealth.

Telehealth services connect patients in need with healthcare providers remotely. Telehealth sessions are mostly done over a video call, and they are extremely popular at the moment. A telehealth session allows you to consult with a healthcare provider without ever leaving your home and risking infection. It is the ideal way to document your injuries without contracting COVID-19. Check your local provider’s website to see what kind of telehealth services are available, and remain in isolation while getting the care you need.

We have not stopped helping and representing injured workers, even during this crisis. We can work your case remotely if you have been injured on the job. Call us today for help and support. We are still here for you. Stay home, stay safe, and get the care that you need.