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The dangers of working with chemicals

The reality is that no matter where you are, we are all surrounded by chemicals, whether at home or in our workplaces. Therefore, to a lesser or greater extent, we are all exposed to them. 

We can find them from the cleaning products we use every day, to solvents, liquid paper thinners, cleaning chemicals for different types of machinery, pesticides, paint removers and chemicals used in the manufacture of clothing, automotive parts, plastic products, etc.

People who, as part of their work, handle chemicals most of the time, can face various health risks. According to studies conducted, it was found that, in 2020, exposure to harmful substances or environments caused about 424,360 non-fatal injuries and illnesses, resulting in days away from work for affected employees.

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) is a federal agency, and a division of the US Department of Labor, that sets safety and health standards for a variety of industries. One of their roles is to train employers on health and safety in the workplace, and to ensure that they comply with the strict rules and regulations necessary to prevent injuries or deaths during the work activities of their employees.


Hazards of Chemical Exposure at Work

It is important that people who work with chemicals have sufficient training to do so. In addition, they must be provided with personal safety equipment that they must use at all times to avoid accidents or risk of illness.

Chemical or toxic substances can pose a wide range of health hazards, and the symptoms or consequences will depend on the type of substance used, as well as the level of exposure to it. Some of the possible effects may include:


  • Poisoning
  • Cancer
  • Headaches
  • Damage to the nervous system
  • Damage to internal organs such as lungs, kidneys, and liver
  • Skin rash
  • Burns
  • Birth defects


If you or a loved one has developed an illness or been injured due to chemical exposure at work, contact us today. At the legal firm Grupo Vía Dorada we will review your situation and assert your rights.