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Tips on how to effectively return to work after an injury?

Returning to work after some time off is difficult. It is even more difficult if you took time off due to a personal injury. If you had to take time away from your job due to physical limitations following an injury, then returning to the workforce can be stressful and anxiety-inducing. We understand that a lot of things will be different following a personal injury accident. Here are five tips for effectively returning to work after an injury:

  1. Take it slow. You will not be operating at 100% on your first day back. Set reasonable expectations for yourself and be patient. Your abilities may be permanently altered by your accident, so maintaining perspective is absolutely crucial. 
  2. Ask for accommodations. If you need accommodations, do not be afraid to ask for them.
  3. Be prepared for questions. Your coworkers will be curious about your health and safety. You do not owe them personal health information, but it is wise to have a polite response prepared for nosy coworkers. We recommend something positive and vague, like “It has certainly been challenging but I am happy to be back on the job and I am looking forward to getting back into a routine. Thank you for your concern!”
  4. Prioritize your own health. If you go back to work only to discover that it is exacerbating your delicate condition, then you may not be ready to be back on the job. Be prepared for that possibility. 
  5. If you are now disabled, then understand your rights. Familiarize yourself with the Americans with Disabilities Act. You now have different rights than you did before and it is important for you to understand them so that you might advocate for yourself. 

If you have any legal questions about what it will be like to return to work after an accident, or would just like to discuss how to ask for new accommodations, then call us today. We can guide you through this difficult process and we can advocate for you in the event that you are not treated fairly upon re-entry into the workplace.