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Types of Occupations Where Head/Brain Injuries are Most Common

On-the-job injury is a risk that millions of workers face every day. Head and brain injuries are often the most devastating and are the most likely to lead to permanent impairments. Workplaces are required to take precautions that prevent head and brain injuries among their workers, but it is still wise to remain vigilant as an employee. No one has more interest in your personal health and wellbeing than you do.


When it comes to head and brain injury causes, there are many common culprits. Falls tend to be the most common, so take care around the spill and wet areas, and in areas with many hazards and obstacles. Other causes include vehicular/trucking accidents, equipment malfunction/accidents, falling objects, exposure to toxic substances, and lack of oxygen (if you are working in a confined space).


Head and brain injuries can occur in almost any occupation. After all, spilled coffee can lead to a devastating slip and fall accident, but there are several occupations with an increased risk of head and brain injury. If you work in agriculture, construction, emergency medical services, fishing, forestry, or transportation, your risks are elevated. Take extra care. Always wear protective gear and make sure to put your health and safety first.


If you are exposed to toxic chemicals or hit your head on the job, visit a doctor immediately. Head and brain injury symptoms sometimes take a while to present themselves, and an immediate visit to a healthcare provider will provide valuable support for your worker’s compensation claim. Once you have seen a doctor, call us to discuss the details of your potential case.