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Workers’ compensation and appealing denied claims

Workplace accidents happen, and no one is exempt from having one. In the United States, businesses that have employees are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance.

Workers’ compensation benefits and medical care to those employees who are injured in the performance of their jobs, or who suffer or develop a disease as these results provide.

Companies have processes to follow when one of their workers is injured. It is extremely important that if you are ever involved in an accident at work, you report it to your supervisor immediately so that you can file a report and start the process to obtain this compensation.

However, the insurance does not cover all situations or events, and it is important that you advise yourself accordingly. In addition, there are also times when your claim may be denied. Finding yourself injured and without any medical and financial support can put you in a very precarious situation.

The main reasons why an application may be rejected include:

– Not reporting the injury on time.
– Not starting the process to obtain workers’ compensation on time.
– When it cannot be proven that the related injury and/or illness is directly related to the worker’s work activities
– You have not sought medical attention that can support your injury, and
– The employee refuses to accept that the injury occurred during work hours, among others.

Even if your application has been rejected, you may have the legal recourse to file an appeal. For this it is important to have a lawyer specialized in the area who can advise you and review your situation. In order to file an appeal you must:

– Submit an appeal request before the deadline
– Present all the medical information that can serve as evidence of your injury and the treatments obtained
– Evidence from witnesses or any other type that helps you prove that I found you during your working hours when the injury occurred.

Appeals processes can be difficult and confusing. At Grupo Vía Dorada we can help you file an appeal and make sure you get the compensation you deserve. Call us today!