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Your Employer’s Responsibilities In Case You Suffer Workplace Injury

According to data provided by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, around 2.8 million workplace accidents and injuries occur annually. This means that 2.8 out of 100 workers are injured during their work hours.

All employers have a duty to provide a safe workplace for their employees, as required by state and federal occupational safety and health laws.

Most employers in the country are required to have a workers’ compensation insurance policy, in case their workers have accidents. And there are certain things they must do to keep these workers safe.

Here are some of the responsibilities employers should have after a work injury.


1. Get medical attention for the worker. If a worker is injured on the job, the employer is required to call the emergency number, or take action to ensure that the worker receives first aid. Some companies have medical departments that can provide the first care, or determine if the worker needs to be taken to the emergency room.

2. Report the accident. Employers must ensure that the accident is recorded, and provide the worker with forms to report it. Even in case of severe accidents, and if the worker cannot do it, it is the obligation of the employers to take care of everything that is necessary. The report must include the day and time of the accident, the place where the accident occurred, and the type of injury.

3. Contact your workers’ compensation insurer. This report must be presented to your insurer, so that workers’ compensation benefits can begin to be processed, and help cover medical expenses, lost wages, or, in the worst case, funeral expenses.

If you or a loved one has been injured on the job, and you have questions about whether you are entitled to workers’ compensation, contact us. We will help you protect your rights.